Art and Memory. Petra Vlasman (Dissolved / Tributes)

Art and Memory. Petra Vlasman (Dissolved / Tributes)
Sat, 7. November 2020 - Sun, 28. March 2021
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Art and Memory. Petra Vlasman


From November, 7, 2020 until March, 28, 2021

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Image culture exists somewhere between fact and fiction. As easy as it is to manipulate virtually any aspect of an image, I never alter my analog optical illusions with digital editing.

I keep my eyes busy and collect and make photographs every day. Lately, I have added to this collection ‘objets trouvés’ (natural or discarded objects found by chance) and objects that have been passed on for generations in my family.

I bring these photographs and objects with me during long walks and look for places where the landscape witnessed historical events. 

With nature as my backdrop, I play with flat images that I cut out, tear apart and reassemble. I then add the bulky objects to these collages and photograph them, before disassembling the ‘assemblages’. The process allows me to create imagined realities and impossible sculptures only visible through the camera’s eye. 

Automatism drives my work, as I incorporate spontaneous associations and coincidence, and welcome alienating outcomes. Disorientation and confusion help me to blur the boundaries between reality and fiction. I aim to make the spectator question what they see.

The creative process resembles my own experience of sifting through layers of truths within myself, with reference to my family’s past. I seek out the lost experiences of exiled generations in my family. I use these memories as material to pay tribute to their steadfastness in their beliefs and values in times of oppression and hardship.

I wish to fathom the intangible, break the cycle of silence in my family and pay tribute through spirited and sometimes even whimsical ‘trompe-l’oeil’ still lifes that give way to a less charged future for my children.

Petra Vlasman


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During these months that many of us are more at home than usual, you may have noticed that you are more in touch with your belongings in your house and that these things have become more important to you.

The objects around us are an intrinsic part of our lives. They coexist with us, are silent partners, and maintain memories and interpretations of the experiences we live.

These objects can become something to hold on to, they can provide us with comfort, hope, resilience, encouragement, a purpose, or a sense of connection when they are associated with an experience that has a major impact on our lives.

In this group exhibition you will see objects, with their associated stories, that the artist Petra Vlasman has been collecting after calling for citizen participation.

Thanks to the participants who have shared the intimate vision of a part of their lives with us, this collection of tributes to important life experiences has been formed.

Does an object come to your mind that you have at home and that contains an attached memory, a value or a personal meaning for you?

If you want to participate, you can join the next exhibition!

Just take a picture of your object and answer these questions:

1. Can you describe your object?

2. What year is it from and where does it come from?

3. Why is this object important to you? What does it mean to you (what values ​​does it represent) and what is it for?

4. Can you provide a title that summarizes the answers to these first three questions?

Send me your photo and your answers; I will treat them with respect!

Thanks! Petra

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