Exhibition: Über alles, by Àngel Jové

Exhibition: Über alles, by Àngel Jové
Sat, 27. February 2021 - Sun, 4. April 2021
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Àngel Jové

Über alles

27 February to 4 April 2021

Opening, Saturday 27 February at 12 noon

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Àngel Jové presents a series of 71 works depicting a single landscape. A shifting vision of oscillating lights, colours and shapes in the darkness: a mental landscape that becomes a symbol of a state of mind, a vision symbolising a fragment of nature – which the prisoners might have seen from the Shoah concentration camps but also the reflection of the eyes of the exiled and deported people in any country, the result of the same memory that challenges us. This depth of opposed feelings is characterised by the difficulty of representing it. Àngel Jové participates in this tremor because it is also the core of his personal memory and the foundation of his creative expression. In the exhibition the repetition of images is complemented by two sculptural pieces made with everyday objects enveloped in barbed wire, everyday life cut through with pain and violence.

The title Über alles refers to the lyrics of the German national anthem Das Deutschlandlied (1841), written by A. H. Hoffmann von Fallersleben: "Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, / über alles in der Welt" (Germany, Germany above all, / above all in the world). But the words über alles, outside the context of the anthem and its implicit historical terror, also reveal their opposite meaning: "from the heights", as Friedrich Hölderlin writes in the Väterländlische Gesänge, and – more profoundly – in Paul Celan’s metaphysical fall into the depths:

[...] Look around:

look how it all leaps alive –

where death us! Alive!

He speaks truly who speaks of shade.

            Von Schwelle zu Schwelle  (From Threshold to Threshold)

Über alles (2010-2020) belongs to the period of the Great Series made by Àngel Jové since 2007, such as Altra volta mossego un tros de pa. Cristòfol - Pavese (Fundació Caixa de Pensions, Lleida, 2008) and Versus Limbus (Fundació Suñol, Barcelona, 2009), where we find elements related to exile and refugee camps, with objects made with fragments of waste materials to portray solitude, trauma and absence.

Exhibition curated by Maria-Josep Balsach, Director of the Chair in Contemporary Art and Culture (CACC), Girona University (UdG)

Àngel Jové (Lleida, 1940) is one of the historic representatives of early conceptual art in Catalonia. His work always makes a metaphysical and reflective reference to memory and the image. It embraces several spheres of radical experimentation that go beyond the fields of abstraction and figuration, with a focus on the concept of representing the void, melancholia and the fracture between nature and culture. He is in several national museums and European and American private collections.


PARALLEL ACTIVITY in the exhibition Über Alles

Saturday, March 27, 2021, at 12 noon.

Conversation: "Representation or offering. The inner image of violence" with the participation of:

Maria Josep Balsach, professor and director of the Chair of Contemporary Art and Culture at the University of Girona.

Marta Marín Dòmine, writer and professor at Laurier University in Canada.

Maria Pertile, director of the Centro Studi Famiglia Capponi in Florence.

The event can be followed live on the MUME youtube channel. If it is possible to open the event to the public, capacity will be limited, safety distances and the use of masks must be maintained.

Prior registration at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Further information about the artist:


Cristòfol-Pavese (1998-2008)

Gelonch Viladegut Collection  

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