In Catalonia, the memory of the republican exile has been preserved, in a special way, in two large areas. One is the Alt Empordà, which was the central scene of the final stage of the Republican Generalitat and the retreat (Retirada) of hundreds of thousands of people, including the main leaders of the Generalitat, the Spanish Republic and the government autonomous Basque. The other, Northern Catalonia (Pyrénées Orientales French Department) which was the first refuge of the great mass of the vanquished and which, for many, was also the first experience of the extreme harshness of the new life that awaited them. In both areas, we find numerous evocative elements of those events, even the landscape itself is evocative. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the site chosen for the future museum was the municipality of La Jonquera.

Its privileged situation, astride the plains of Empordà and Rosselló, and in the middle of the great Catalan coastal corridor, has made this town not only a privileged witness of the republican exodus (as it was the main escape route of those who became exiles), but also of many other exiles throughout history and of a large number of mass migrations from south to north and vice versa. This circumstance and the explicit desire to become the population in charge of ensuring the preservation of the memory of all these exiles and migrations justify the convenience of its choice as the headquarters of the museum center.

To all of this, it should be added that the town had a privileged space to house the museum, on the same Carrer Major (in the past it was the continuation of Nacional-II to the border), which had previously been a theater and whose , in 2005, only "the box" of the building that was used as a passage area between the center of the town and the edge of the river that crosses the municipality was preserved.

Discover the village ant the cultural heritage of La Jonquera.

How to arrive

Coord. GPS:

Lat. 42.415.992 N Long. 2.873.726 E


The Exile Memorial Museum is in the centre of La Jonquera.

To arrive, take the National Road II (N-II) or the Highway AP-7 (Exit 2) which leads to the town entrance in the south. From there follow Carles Bosch de la Trinxeria Street (Carrer Carles Bosch de la Trinxeria) which leads to Major Street (Carrer Major) where, at number 43-47, the Museum is located.

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