Pedagogical Conferences of the MUME, 1st Edition

Pedagogical Conferences of the MUME, 1st Edition
Thu, 3. July 2008
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1st MUME pedagogical conference

Presentation of the educational programme of the museum and the provision of guided tours, educational workshops and routes of exile throughout the territory.

The full-day teaching session "Pedagogy of Memory" is intended, first, to present the MUME to secondary schools and, secondly, to invite the participants to reflect on memory and history, a process that must be addressed when dealing with a historical phenomenon, which also consists of memory and memories. Thus, the primary objective was to bring the secondary and high school teachers into contact with the contents and objectives of the MUME, showing them the permanent exhibition, the Educational Project, the possibilities of workshops, and the result of practical experience developed on the ground; that is, along the routes of exile. The conference has opened a way of establishing permanent relations with the schools, which will come during the school year to study the issues presented by the museum and visit our facilities.

The conference started an activity which will continue in the framework of the MUME educational project. This continuity must have two parts: on the one hand, to hold other meetings at the end of the school year to share experiences, to prepare next year's course, to discuss theoretical and mythological matters or to promote new contributions; on the other, through electronic contact, which must become a basic and permanent tool,  to share experiences, to prepare them, and work together on shared projects.

The activity was launched with the help of ICE (Institute of Education Sciences), University of Girona (UdG).

3 July 2008


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