Exhibition: Ésser expropiat, de Jordi Mitjà - Jon Uriarte - Ingrid Guardiola

Exhibition: Ésser expropiat, de Jordi Mitjà - Jon Uriarte - Ingrid Guardiola
Sat, 24. November 2018 - Sun, 24. February 2019
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Exhibition Being expropriated by Jordi Mitjà - Jon Uriarte - Ingrid Guardiola

Exhibition from November 24, 2018 to February 24, 2019.

Opening: Saturday, November 24, at 12 noon

MUME Hall Space


Sant Climent Sescebes, together with Espolla, Cantallops and Capmany, is a municipality that is part of the Albera natural landscape. The recent history of Sant Climent Sescebes has been conditioned by the expropriation of large tracts of agricultural and forestry land by the Spanish state. These lands have been destined for military uses. However, paradoxically, this expropriation has contributed to a better conservation of the natural environment and has also enhanced the megalithic route. At the same time, the memory of the place has multiplied from the images that both a few tourists and the military have been leaving behind. The report has been created from layers of headlines and domestic and institutional photographs. What do these images of the site tell us? How to establish a chronography from the images, an atlas that exercises? By being collectors and chroniclers of the atopic nature of the place, we expropriate the expropriators, borrow their objects, their images, their holders. This is the first step in the creation of an archive, of an open and in-process antiquity of this territory that is activated through an exhibition at the MUME, which will be continued, in another format, in the Museum of the Empordà.

More information on the global project where this exhibition is inserted in Terra-lab.cat

Terra-lab.cat proposes a choral update of the country's imaginary. Terra-lab.cat is a creative laboratory for debating ideas, which invites different visual authors and thinkers to work together and cooperatively. Terra-lab.cat is made up of ten work teams made up of three authors each: two visual authors and a cultural author (philosopher, essayist, scientist, historian, urban planner, architect ...) who are deployed in a specific territory of Catalonia to generate ten creative projects that, in contact with certain concepts and micro-sites, generate different visual reactions and responses. Terra-lab.cat received the 1st Lluís Carulla prize for the promotion of creative projects.

For more information on the exhibition you can download and consult the press release of the exhibition "Being expropriated".

Organized by:


Generalitat de Catalunya (Department of Culture) - Arts Santa Mònica



Fundació Carulla



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