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Exhibition "Distancias" by Gustavo Germano
09.07.2011 - 09.07.2011
Exposició Temporal Històric


 Exhibition “Distancias”(Distances) by Gustavo Germano


With the exhibition of the artist's previous work, “Ausencias” (Absences) as a starting point and precedence, “Distancias” (Distances) takes the concepts of temporality and parallel imaging as a means of expression and exposition of the ”deep wounds” that power in the hands of the dictatorship has inflicted on its own citizens.

The disappearing by force and the exile of persons are crimes that go beyond the moment they were committed and become permanent: this is so, in the first case, during the period of disappearance, which prevents mourning, and, in the second case, as long as exile continues. The wounds are invisible, hidden behind those who have had to live with the permanent presence of absence and behind those who cannot return to “their country” without commencing a new exile.


“Distancias” just as in “Absences”, works with photographic parallels. It tries to recover photographs of the moment of going into exile or earlier, and  “retake them” seventy years later.


Republican exile, as one of the most significant political exiles of the twentieth century, is chosen to create this historical and ethical reflection from the image. For this project, the artist has the support of the UNED, Casa America of Catalonia, Andalusian Centre of Photography, SEACEX (an agency of the Spanish Foreign Ministry), the State Society for Cultural Commemorations and the MUME.

Exhibition 9 July- 9 october, 2011.



With the sponsorship:


Casa Amèrica de Catalunya


With the collaboration of:

Ateneo Español de México (Mèxic)

Centro Español de Moscú (Rússia)

Asociación de descendientes del exilio español (Madrid)

FFREEE (Fils et Filles de Républicains Espagnols et Enfants de l'Exode) Argelers - França.

Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende (Santiago de Xile)

Museo de la Memoria de Rosario (Argentina) / Centro Español de Unión Republicana de Rosario

Alícia Alted, María Luisa Capella, Rosa Toran, Celia Cañellas, Progreso Marín i Serge Barba