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Exhibition "Josep Subirats"
22.01.2011 - 25.04.2011
Exposició Temporal Històric


Exhibition "Josep Subirats. Periple d'un artista: del front als camps de concentració i dels batallons de treballadors als suburbis de Barcelona (1936-1941)"



22 January - 25 april 2011


La Jonquera






This exhibition aims to recover a practically unknown Catalan artist,. Josep Subirats, who crossed the border in February 1939, and was a poster designer that had worked for the Commission for Propaganda of the Generalitat de Catalunya. On his arrival toin the Roussillon, he was taken to the Camp de Mart in Perpignan and then from there to the camp in Barcarès. In these camps he carried out a significant pictorial testimony of the daily life in concentration camps. In 1940 he returned to Franco’'s Spain and was interned in the prison camp in Reus. Of this period Hhe also left an artistic testimony of this period .


22 January (11'30 noon)- 25 april 2011