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Conferences "Identity and Exile (1939-2009)"
05.02.2009 - 07.02.2009
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Conference "Identity and Exile (1939-2009)"

The Exile Memorial Museum, University of Barcelona, University of Girona, and the Catalan Foundation for Mental Health Congress (FCCSM) organised the conference, with the support of the Directorate General for Democratic Memory. The municipalities of Elne, Argelès, Granollers, Petra, Girona, Figueres and La Jonquera were also involved. MUME lectured and debated on 7 February from 10 am with Anna M. Garcia, a professor at the University of Girona, the presence of the mayors of the municipalities mentioned and representatives of the Department of the Interior, Institutional Relations and Participation. They debated how exile affects people and has become a traumatic event for hundreds of thousands of people during the long Franco dictatorship. An episode hidden by fear, silence and the country's cultural annihilation.


The event included the screening of the following films:

• "The Exodus of a People" by Llech Louis, France, 1939, 36 min., with musical accompaniment by Goller Virgile. Exceptional documentary about the first moments of the Republican exodus in Roussillon, made by an amateur filmmaker.

• "Une guerre sans fin", M. Dupuy, France 2009, 52 min. Film alternating fiction and documentary about an exile who joined the fight against fascism during the Second World War. It also presents a comparison between the views of the events from official and academic history and personal history. Event organised in collaboration with the Film Institute Jean Vigo de Perpignan.


Place: Barcelona, Girona and La Jonquera

5-7 February 2009.