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Homage to the memory of Joan Peiró. 75 years after his death
16.02.2018 - 16.02.2018
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Homage to the memory of Joan Peiró

75 years after his death

Friday, February, 23 at 11:00 AM MUME temporary exhibition hall

Organized by: MUME and UdG (Department of Contemporary History)

Joan Peiró (1887-1942), born in the district of Sants de Barcelona, ​​was one of the most important men in Spanish anarchism. He was secretary general of the CNT in the 20s and minister of Industry for a few months during the Civil War (November 1936-May 1937). In the course of his career before the Civil War he was detained and jailed several times and had to hide and leave the country. During the Civil War, without neglecting its anarchist militancy, he was very critical of the crimes and abuses committed in the name of the revolution in the republican rearguard. After the war, he went into exile in France where he was arrested and transferred to Germany. From the Germanic country he was extradited to Franco's Spain. Imprisoned and vexed, in July 1942 he was executed in Paterna (Valencia).

In this act of homage there will be the speeches by Jordi Font (director of the MUME) and the specialist in Iberian anarchism, Chris Ealham, professor at Saint Louis University, Madrid Campus.