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Witnesses of Mauthausen. 70 years of history and memory of the camps
13.06.2015 - 11.10.2015
Exposició Temporal Històric


Witnesses of Mauthausen. 70 years of history and memory of the camps

MUME documentary sources

13 June to 4 October 2015

Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi camp of Mauthausen (Austria) at MUME we are exhibiting part of the documentary source related to Republicans who were interned in this camp after having been captured in French territory during their exile.

It includes documents by Miquel Serra Grabulosa, from Roda de Ter, Joan Cabratosa Font, from Sant Ferriol, and the brothers Ramon and Àngel Artola Casals, from Sant Hilari Sacalm.

The exhibition also features three video interviews with José Marfil Peralta (1921), Matías Arranz Aparicio (1914-2009) and Francisco Ortiz Torres (1919-2013), three survivors of the Nazi camps, made by MUME (2008), and the commemorative recording “Mauthausen” made in Paris in 1967 by the former Catalan deportees Ricard Garriga Salvador and Joan Vilató Mellado.

The exhibition occupies the MUME hall and the showcase “Biographies of Exiled People” in the "Experiences of Exile" room, on the first floor, on the Cabratosa Sender family. It also features other documents on witnesses of Mauthausen in “The Diaspora” room, on the first floor, with documents by deportees Josep Riera Borrell, Luis Garcia Manzano and José Panes Gil, loaned by the association El Triangle Blau in Figueres. Its president, Jordi Riera, is the son of Josep Riera Borrell (1913-1943), who was imprisoned in Stalag XI-A (Altengrabow) in 1940, deported to Mauthausen in November 1941, prisoner no. 3253 and died in February 1943. Through the Amical de Mauthausen and the publication of the book by Montserrat Roig, Jordi Riera discovered the true story of his father's death. He formed part of the Amical and in 2003 promoted “El Triangle Blau” (Figueres), a new association for the dissemination of historical memory with the support of relatives of exiled people, deportees, university professors and students. In 2007 he loaned several documents on deportation to MUME, which form part of the permanent exhibition ("La Diaspora" room).