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Exhibition: Walter Benjamin. Constelltions of the exile
03.10.2015 - 03.10.2015
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Exhibition: Walter Benjamin. Constelltions of the exile

Opening: Sathurday, octobre 3rd, 2015 at 12h

Exhibition october 3rd to november 22nd 2015

Exhibition by Walter Benjamin Archives of Akademie der Künste, Berlin.

Organisation: Patronat Call de Girona

Collaboration: MUME

Walter Benjamin. Constellations of the exile

Walter Benjamin was an outstanding intellectual of the 20th century who exercised a worldwide influence on almost all fields of investigation on social sciences. His work “Goethe’s elective affinities”, The Origin of German Tragic Drama as well as his Arcades project remain benchmarks of the history of ideas in the 20th century. He set standards as a critic of Literature and as an Essayist. Aesthetics and theory of literature, as well as theory of modernity and the problem of historical memory, play a central role in his thought.

This exhibition is a tribute to Benjamin on the 75th anniversary of his death. He committed suicide in Portbou on the run from National Socialism. As a German intellectual of Jewish origin he was exiled to Paris when Hitler seized the power in 1933. In Paris he kept devoted to with his work under difficult circumstances, until the entrance of German troops forced him to flee to southern France. In September 1940 Benjamin had illegally crossed the border to Spain, despite holding a visa both for Spain and the United States of America, but lacking a visa to quit France. He presented himself to the authorities in Portbou, who wanted to send him back to France. Therefore he saw no alternative to suicide.

Constellation is a fundamental topic in Benjamin’s thought, meaning a certain order, that is, a certain disposition of things. The exhibition aims at the reconstruction of Benjamin’s life and exile, which ended tragically in Portbou, through pieces of evidence provided by documents from closed relations, which, from their part, display a constellation.

The same day, after the opening will take place the 2nd edition of Memorial Walter Benjamin International Prize in recognition of unpublished essay

Convened by the Consortium of the Museu Memorial Exili, with the support of the Diputación de Girona.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Memorial Museu of Exili (La Jonquera)


11:00 pm: Opening of the exhibition Walter Benjamin. Constellations of exile (from 3 October to 22 November 2015)

11:30 h: veredict reading of the jury of the 2nd edition of Memorial Walter Benjamin International Prize in recognition of unpublished essay

12:00 pm: theater "The idea of Europe ', George Steiner, monologue directed and performed by Òscar Intente, with the participation of accordionist Ferran Martínez.


Activity co-organized by the Museu Memorial del'Exili and Casa de la Generalitat has Perpinyà, with the support of the Fundació Catalunya Europa.