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Exhibition "Border Crossings" by Alfred Mauve
04.04.2009 - 17.05.2009
Exposició Temporal Històric


Exhibition “Border Crossings” by Alfred Mauve


Photographs by Alfred Mauve of the passages into exile from a poetic and contemporary perspective. This exhibition focuses primarily on current images of the Albera mountain range. It reproduces some of the villages through which the exodus of February 1939 passed, the natural landscapes and even details that the refugees possibly saw. Mauve himself explains his intention: “I photographed the grass that has grown on this history, its shadow, something has survived.” This graphic research for the traces of exile is linked to a deep reflection on freedom, despair, the past, the border and photography.

Exhibition: 4 April to 17 May 2009

Opening: 4 April at 12 noon