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Words in Exile (IV). A Song for Elne, by Joanjo Bosk
10.09.2012 - 10.09.2012
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Words in Exile (IV). A Song for Elne, by Joanjo Bosk

Monday, 10th September at 22h pm

MUME temporary exhibition hall

Exile Memorial Museum. La Jonquera



Coordination: Jordi Font and Roger Costa-Pau


At the Exile Memorial Museum we are continuing the cycle we began four years ago under the name of Words in Exile. The original idea – which still holds true – was to bring to our public human experiences which so many writers have recorded in their written work. These are people who lived through the catastrophe of the events from 1936 onwards and who, above all, have given us the example of unconditional commitment to the struggle for dignity in all senses and the equally unconditional commitment to freedom in all its manifestations. This fourth year of the cycle will present a musical show by the singer Joanjo Bosk.


In his performance Joanjo Bosk will present his new project “A SONG FOR ELNE”.


In this concert he will perform original songs from his latest album, in which he explores sounds characteristic of acoustic rock with Mediterranean influences. He will also include songs from his last album “En el Temple del Vent” using the words of poets linked to the area of L’Empordà who, in some cases, suffered exile. Moreover, during the concert he will also perform some classics from the Catalan music movement known as nova cançó. The show "A Song for Elne" by Joanjo Bosk is rooted in the experience of exile and the experiences of children and is also a tribute to Elisabeth Eidenbenz for her dedication and humanitarian work in the Swiss Maternity Hospital in Elne (1939-1944).



Joanjo Bosk (Voice, acoustic guitar and harmonica)

Albert Oliva (Acoustic guitar)

Pere Martínez (Double bass)


Born in Figueres in 1976, Joanjo Bosk began his musical career in the universe of rock. In 2003 he went solo, developing his own repertoire. He has a unique voice, powerful and yet sensitive, revealing an original musical personality.


Tickets: €5

Limited seats


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Joanjo Bosk a "La Cate" (Figueres) interpretant un tema de "Cançó per Elna" (extracte d'1' 32"): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lE-2oTwxooc