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2nd Transborder Seminar. Ribesaltes
17.09.2011 - 17.09.2011
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2nd Transborder Seminar. Ribesaltes

Forced Displacements and Exiles in 20th Century Europe. Body and Spirit


Ribesaltes, Saturday 17th September 2011

Ribesaltes Camp, Block F


Free registration

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Ribesaltes Memorial Museum: (0033 (0) / This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Projet Musée Mémorial du camp de Rivesaltes

Hôtel du département

24 quai Sadi Carnot




“An Anthropological Approach to the Body and Spirit”

In these situations of crisis, the body reacts and develops pathologies; we will ask if there are physical and mental pathologies characteristic of exile and internment. Effects and limits of forced transport, general debility, deprival of mobility, etc... as well as the violence inflicted.

What are the individual and collective responses and their results? With the deprival of freedom, in the course of the journey and during the internment, is there acculturation or meeting through diverse practices? Occupational, cultural, artistic, religious, educational, sporting, memorial practices. Finally, what are the practices of bereavement and how is death approached? What are the characteristics and meaning of resistance and “resilience”?


This seminar forms part of a global programme entitled “Forced Displacements and Exiles in 20th Century Europe”, in the framework of which there will be another interdisciplinary seminar in the first quarter of 2012. The three seminars will lead to an international conference at the end of 2012. 




9.30 am                         

Reception for the participants


10 am-10.30 am            

Institutional speeches


10.30 am-11 am            

Anna Miñarro, clinical psychologist – psychoanalyst and teacher. Argelès Camp: the features (face) of violence” 


11 am-11.30 am             

Àlvar Martínez Vidal, professor of the history of medicine, López Piñero Institute of History of Medicine and Science, Valencia University. “Famine, malnutrition and vitamin deficiency among Spanish exiles in the south of France: from the Barcarès concentration camp to the Hôpital de Varsovie in Toulouse"


11.30 am-12 noon                  

Anne Boitel, PhD student at Aix-en-Provence University (UMR-TELEMME) and professor of history and geography. “Actions of CIMADE towards the ‘undesirables’: a case study, Ribesaltes (from Vichy to the present)”


12.30 pm                         



1 pm                             



2 pm-2.30 pm                   

Madeleine Souche, professor and doctor of history. “Testimonials in the refugee camps, 1939-1942”


2.30 pm-3 pm                   

Annette Mulberger, professor of the history of psychology, CEHIC, Barcelona Autonomous University. “They need to be therapeutically treated: the psychological impact of war among the Spanish children accommodated in France


3 pm-3.30 pm                   

Marta Marín-Dòmine, professor at the Department of Languages and Literature, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo-Toronto (Canada). "Exile in the flesh (the perception of the body in the texts of Federica Montseny, Pere Vives and Agustí Centelles)"


3.30 pm-4 pm                   

Fernando Hernández Holgado, doctor of contemporary history, Madrid Complutense University. "The Militant Prison. Two women’s prisons of the Francoist post-war: Ventas (Madrid) and Les Corts (Barcelona)"


4 pm-4.30 pm                   

Javier Rodrigo, professor of contemporary history, Barcelona Autonomous University. "Re-education and transformation in the Francoist concentration camps"


4.30 pm-5 pm                   

Claire Jacquelein, psychiatrist. “Prisoners and doctors: the body that suffers in prison”                                      


5 pm-5.30 pm                   

Tristan Castanier, historian, member of the Steering Committee at Elne Swiss Maternity Hospital. “Miss Elmes (Quakers Aid) during the war”


5.30 pm-6 pm                   

Marzia Luppi, director of the Fossoli Foundation. “Internment in the Fossoli Camp (Emilia-Romagna, Italy) from 1942”              


6 pm-6.30 pm                   

Delphine Debons, PhD student of history. “Healing the wounds of captivity: strategies to fight against the barbed wire disease among prisoners of war in the Second World War”


6.30 pm-7 pm                      





Via Domitia Perpignan University (ICRESS, CHRiSM)

Memorial Exile Museum (MUME)

Memorial Democràtic

Girona University

Cinemathèque Euro-régionale Institut Jean Vigo

Conseil Général des Pyrénées-Orientales