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1st Seminar "Forced Displacement and Exile in 20th Century Europe. The Conditions of Departure and Arrival"
22.10.2010 - 22.10.2010
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1st Seminar "Forced Displacement and Exile in 20th Century Europe. The Conditions of Departure and Arrival"

MUME, 22 October 2010




This one-day seminar will be dedicated to showing the aspects related to hosting populations in situations of exile and displacement, and the consequences. The seminar will focus on logistics and humanitarian problems that revolve around the major population movements. That is, the original conditions, government and non-government actions, the reception and reactions of the local populations, the territorial impact, and the possibilities of return. These issues will be applied to different cases that took place on European soil during the twentieth century and which were caused by conflicts between countries, civil wars and ethnic clashes: the morning sessions will cover the Spanish Civil War ( 1936-1939) and the exile of the Republicans, following a chronological thread; the afternoon ones will cover the time of the Second World War, the independence of Algeria in 1962, and the wars in the Balkans in the nineties.


This seminar is part of an overall programme called "Forced Displacement and Exile in Europe in the 20th Century", under which two interdisciplinary seminars will be held in 2011. The three seminars will round off an international symposium in 2012. In a spirit of cross-border collaboration, the sites involved are La Jonquera, Girona, Perpignan and Rivesaltes. Specifically, the organising partners are ICRECS (Catalan Institute for Research in Social Sciences) and CRHiSM (Centre de Recherches sur les Sociétés Historiques Méditerranéennes) at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia (UPVD), the Institute of Historical Research, University of Girona, the Exile Memorial Museum (MUME), the Memorial de Rivesaltes (MMCR) and the Jean Vigo Euro-Regional Film Institute (IJV).



9.30 am-10 am Reception

10 am-10.30am. Speech

10.30 am-11 am Michel Leiberich, Doctor of History, UPVD

Keynote: "Exiles in the logic of collective violence since the late 19th century"

11 am-11.30 am. Ruben Doll, PhD, UdG

"The Generalitat de Catalunya and saving lives in times of revolution and war"

11.30 am-12 noon Julio Clavijo, Doctor of History

"The reception in Catalonia of refugees and those forcibly displaced from other areas of Spain during the Civil War"

12 noon-12.30 pm Dolores Plan, National Institute of Anthropology and History, Mexico

"Reception of Republican refugees in Mexico"

12.30 pm-1 pm. Suzanne Aubrespy-Agulla, PhD, University of Toulouse
"Exile and placement in Algeria of Spanish Republican refugees (1939-1943)"

1 pm-1.30 pm Grégory Tuban, PhD UPVD

"The deportation of political internees to North Africa from Port Vendres 1941"

1.30 pm-2 pm Debate

2 pm-3 pm Lunch


3 pm-3.30 pm Frederick Wies, PhD UPVD

"70 years ago... The racial persecution culminating in Operation Saar Burckel of 22 October 1940. The exile of the Saar Jews in 1935 and the annihilation of their community in the autumn of 1940"

3.30 pm-4 pm Josep Calvet, PhD in History

"The place of allies, Jews and Nazis in Franco's Spain during the Second World War"

4 pm-4.30 pm Philippe Bouba, PhD UPVD

"The arrival and reception of the Pieds-Noirs in the Oriental Pyrenees in 1962, Port-Vendres and Perpignan before the exile of the returnees from Algeria"

4.30 pm-5 pm Abderahman Moumen, PhD UPVD

"In Algeria in the Rivesaltes camp. The original and later conditions of the harkis in 1962"

5 pm-5.30 pm. Boban MINIC, Professional journalist

"The Ulysses of the Balkan War"

5.30 pm-6 pm. Francesc Veiga, UAB

"Twice a stranger: forced displacement in Europe in the twentieth century”

6 pm-6.30 pm Discussion / Conclusions


For more information please download the seminar poster in JPEG format (Catalan / French).