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Art and memory


Art and memory: Pep Camps
07.07.2018 - 07.07.2018
Art i memòria històric


Art and memory. Contemporary artistic initiatives, 2018

Pep Camps

Forever more, marked souls


There are events, there are marks that will never vanish, they will remain suspended in time, in the air, in the legacy.

There are some marks that smell of death, others of absence, Leaving behind an entire life, a family, friends, places. Only the memory remains that pricks like iron thorns in the trench.

They are imposed, forced, marks, full of humiliation, of stupidity and ignorance. Imposed by the force of arms and fear.

In memory of all those souls that fled through our landscapes and of all those that still do in other places.

Let us have the strength and dignity to purify these marked souls.

Pep Camps

Parlavà, May 2018



The artistic installation “Forever more, marked souls” sets out a reflective incursion into the Europe of today, which is the result of a dual legacy: construction and destruction; culture and barbarism; lights and shadows.

Figurative scenes, which can be glimpsed behind vertical lines that create a certain visual distortion, evoke these political, social, cultural and moral ambivalences that are at the origin of the shaping both of the public collective sphere and the most intimate and personal space. In its turn, a kind of curtain of papers precariously bound together is put ahead of a comfortable visual perception of the pictorial work. As if it were an almost translucent wall, the work appears as a kind of barrier that suggests the survival of an unappetising memory. Stains on paper, almost spectral, announce affliction through painful absences. Mourning is pending and, in contrast, an obsession takes hold that is fed by the uncertainties of the present and the immediate future.

Further info at: http://pepcamps.com/

Exhibition from 7 July to 18 November 2018