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Exhibition “The Shoah in Europe”
10.11.2011 - 31.01.2012
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Exhibition “The Shoah in Europe”


Girona Historical Archive

Plaça Sant Josep, 1

17004 Girona

10th November to 23rd December 2011


- Thursday 10th November at 7 pm at Girona History Archive: opening of the exhibition with the lecture The Shoah, explaining the inexplicable? by Anna Maria Garcia Rovira, Chair of Contemporary History at Girona University. Professor Garcia Rovira directs the research group “Memory, History, Identities” which looks at national identities, exiles, and political thought and intellectuals. She is distinguished for her contributions in the field of memory and exile in the Spanish Civil War and the memory of Nazi deportation.


- Saturday 12th November at 4 pm at the Exile Memorial Museum in La Jonquera: Screening of the film La Rafle (2010) by Rose Bosch followed by a debate. The event will be introduced by Maurice Lugassy, regional coordinator of the Shoah Memorial in Toulouse. This film, directed by Rose Bosch, narrates the events of the evening of 16th July 1942 when 4,500 gendarmes of the collaborationist government of Marshal Pétain carried out mass raids against the Jewish community in Paris. 13,152 Jews were arrested and later held, in inhuman conditions, at the Vélodrome d’Hiver. This operation, which planned the arrest of 27,391 Jews, had the support of the French authorities. However, a minority of French citizens disobeyed the orders of the government and the German invader, so that a considerable number of those persecuted were able to avoid detention and later deportation.




The exhibition "The Shoah in Europe" (The Holocaust in Europe), produced by the Shoah Memorial in Paris, can be seen in the cloister of Girona Historical Archive. The exhibition transmits the universal character of human rights and the conviction that no people or social group can be the victim of intolerance, discrimination, xenophobia and other forms of social hate.


This exhibition offers an overall vision of the Shoah in Europe since the emergence and growth of Nazism until the Nuremberg Trials through the different stages of the persecution of the Jews. It also provides an overall vision of the political and military reactions of the states and nations to this tragedy. It includes 26 information panels on the Holocaust in Europe, the rise of the Nazis, the persecution and assassination of people and the inhuman conditions of the victims. It has been organised by the Shoah Memorial and curated by Georges Bensoussan.


Place: Girona Historical Archive
Dates: 10th November to 23rd December 2011
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturday, 9 am to 2 pm



Produced by Mémorial de la Shoah (Paris)

Organised by Girona Historical Archive and MUME (La Jonquera)



For further information, you can download the activities programme and the invitation at:

"The Shoah in Europe" - Programme of activities in Girona

Invitation to the events of the exhibition "The Shoah in Europe"