Notes on Things that Happen

Mim Juncà

The artist, Mim Juncà, presents a personal diary based on graphic work in the format of single ink drawings. The diary uses external material, from the media in many cases – although not exclusively. However, it is not imaginary but records the broad reality to bring it into an intimate universe, which appears as a document of feelings, impressions and analogies constructed with graphic material that is so present in daily life that it is often underestimated or disregarded.

In Notes on Things that Happen, the images that seek to inform about the nature and state of the world are arranged as a mere accumulation of “data”, a kind of destruction of meaning. From an indigestible excess of information comes a quite unflattering chaos of drawn thoughts but that can be seen as a first attempt to understand what happens with the endless flow of images once it reaches the receiver. A figure, the receiver, often understood as the end of a route or a complete cycle of the communicative event in which there would be no room for reflection and critical production. The artist questions what remains of the torrential flow of information and iconography. In his hands, this drawn visual disorder takes on a second life. He suggests a reading both intense and disturbing of a contemporary world in which the media universe plays the role of maker of reality.