Concert by Joan Isaac. Cançons de les revoltes del 68

Joan Isaac accompanied by Antoni Olaf Sabater, Sílvia Comes, Olden and Miquel Pujadó

Sala Societat  La Jonquera (C/ Major, 101, La Jonquera)

Friday, February 22, 2019, at 22:00 p.m.

This concert is part of the programming of the commemorative events of Retreat Roads of Retreat 2019 organized by the FFREEE Association (Sons and Daughters of Spanish Republicans and Children of Exodus) and by the City Council of Argelès that will take place between the 21st and February 24, 2019 in La Jonquera, Argelès and Collioure.

Joan Isaac, artistic name of Joan Vilaplana Comín (Esplugues de Llobregat, 1953), composer and interpreter in the Catalan language, poet and musician, is one of the great voices of the Catalan author song.

Pere Camps, director of the music festival BarnaSants (Cançó d'autor), from this work by Joan Isaac says:
The revolts of '68, led mainly by young people, especially university students, were the closest thing to a global insurrection since the end of World War II. Of these revolts, surely the most iconic were the so-called Prague Spring or the May of France, but, to a lesser or greater intensity, they exploded all over the planet: from the great demonstrations against the Vietnam War to the massacre in the square from Tlatelolco in Mexico, passing through anti-Franco university demonstrations. It could even be considered part of this wave of rebellion against the status quo the no less famous Italian hot autumn of 1969. They were anti-authoritarian mobilizations, assemblies, with a strong self-management content, which put into question not only the structures of political and social representation prevailing, but also, and very especially, the dominant moral, the value system of conservatism. A questioning that was always made proposing, and practicing, alternative values, which would be the seed of personal liberation, the change of mentality. Pacifism, environmentalism, and especially feminism, came to the forefront and since then they would form an inseparable part of any progressive political proposal. These revolts had and inspire an essential soundtrack. They are the songs of the revolts of '68.

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