Pompeu Fabra after 1939. The language in exile

«[…] a l’exili Catalunya és per damunt de tot la llengua» 

«[…] in exile, Catalonia is above all the language» 

(letter from Carles Pi i Sunyer to Antoni M. Sbert, London, April 2, 1940).

Pompeu Fabra, a grammarian and creator of modern Catalan, died in exile in Prada on Christmas Day 1948. In the framework of the commemorative acts of 150 years of the birth of the most important linguist in the country, this day will be dedicated to honoring the Mestre and exposing the situation of Fabra, his work and that of his disciples after 1939.

In the morning, the homage to Pompeu Fabra, the cemetery where it is buried and the places where it lived, and in the afternoon, at the MUME de la Jonquera, will take place in Prada (Conflent), an act dedicated to the situation of the language and the linguists between 1939 and 1948.
9:30 p.m. Meeting at MUME
10h Departure from the coach to Prada
11: 30h Offering in the tomb of Pompeu Fabra in the cemetery of Prada and text reading by Maria Campillo.
12h An itinerary of the language exiled in Prada: homage and memory of Pompeu Fabra by Mònica Montserrat and David Paloma
13h Lunch at Prada
16h Arrival at the MUME for the afternoon session
Round table: The language and linguists in exile with Xavier Luna-Batlle (UAB) as moderator and Josep Ferrer Costa (director of the Pere Coromines Foundation) and Josep Murgades (UB) as speakers.
Below you will open a turn of words.
7 pm The ceremony will be finished
Price of the day (Includes travel and lunch) € 40
Registration until December 10 (Limited places) at:
+34 972 556 533 - info@museuexili.catCalle

Major St. 43-47 - 17700 LA JONQUERA