Film session: "The transmission of the memory of republican exile in France. Two cases"

With the presence of the directors Stéphane Fernandez and Xavier Ladjointe.

MUME, Saturday, October 21, 2017

At 4:30 p.m.

It is about the projection and debate about two recent documentaries that recover the memory and spaces of the Republican exile of the Spanish Civil War. On the one hand, "Angel, a childhood in exile" a documentary by Stéphane Fernandez, a co-production of France Télévisions / Le-LoKal Production (2016) and "Armonía, Franco and my grandfather", a documentary by Xavier Ladjointe, Imerje Productions (2017).

At age 86, Ángel revisits the routes traveled between France and Spain during his long career as a militant anarchist anti-Francoist. As a road-movie, full of emotions, reunion and memories, Angel returns to the stages of his childhood, youth and mature age. The Barcelona of 1937 where, being a child, lost his mother in a bombing, his border step at only 10 years, alone with his brothers 6 and 4 years. Reached with his father in Argelers, boarding school in Dordogne in a childhood colony ...

As a young man he becomes an active anarchist militant who will make raids against the dictatorship, especially for the Aragonese part where he will finally be detained. Tortured, sentenced to death, with commuted punishment, he will spend 16 years in Franco's jails.

Stéphane Fernandez, as a journalist, has worked for more than 15 years in associative press and alternative media in which he has always been interested in everything that has to do with the historical memory. After a documentary training in 2009, he directed his first Goulag documentary, Mecmo Productions, in 2011. L'Stéphane has also directed a 26-minute documentary entitled The last survivors of Kolyma (Mecanos Productions / CFRT) that tells the story of Sofia, who arrived from Ukraine in Magadan in 1949. This film was made in Magadan, a city in the eastern confines of Siberia, where the last survivors of Gulag still live . There, four women tell us about the violence and the absurdity of their arrests, tortures, forced labor camps, guards and their arbitrariness, of the barbarity of this period. The movie has been broadcast by KTO, Radio Television Suisse and Public Sénat.


With regard to "Armonía, Franco and my grandfather", a grandson of exiles reconstructs  the family history of civil war and Republican exile. According to Xavier Ladjointe, "My mother refuses to tell me the past. Then I go to Spain with her to film our family history. But this search soon becomes an obsession to know the truth about my grandfather, who gradually passes the place of a mentor in my own life in complete questioning ... This initiatory newspaper explains the Spanish war and the exile of my grandparents It implies my vision of the freedom to live life in the past and in the present. "

Xavier Ladjointe is a French director with Spanish origins who has done other works, such as the short film "Dégonfé" (2010) and the feature film "Ma vie dans ATTAC 06" (2009).