Arquitectura española, 1939-1975

Art and Memory: Domènec

2014 / Sèrie de 10 imatges, copia digital sobre alumini. 45 x 60 cm c/u

A project by Domènec


From 11 June to 31 December 2016

Spanish Architecture, 1939-1975 
2014 Series of 10 photographs, digital copy on aluminium. 45 x 60 cm each

After the Spanish Civil War hundreds of thousands of Republican prisoners were desentenced to forced labour.  In a practice that lasted far beyond the post-warlasted far beyond the post-war, numerous public infrastructures and state buildings, from the Canal Guadalquivir to the sinister Valle de los Caídos, were built by the state or by private using a cheap captive workforce.

Perfectly delineated, Domènec offers an inventory, both precise and disturbing, some of the works created with the sacrifice of Republican prisoners. In objectivity and contrast, in the cold and uncomfortable inventorying, the architectural traces of 
a human and political crime are revealed.

Domènec is a visual artist. More information about his career at: www.domenec.net