Exposició GENOCIDE PROJECT. SPACES OF EXCEPTION by Eduardo Gómez Ballesteros

From setember, 7, at november, 3,  2019

CartellEduardo Gomez


GENOCIDE PROJECT is a research project based on artistic practice. The art pieces feed off archive pictures of victims of violent political processes, compiled in the countries where they took place, and current photographs of places of torture, reclusion and assassination. Later, these pieces are exhibited in countries other than those to which the documentary material refers in museums devoted to the recovery and preservation of memory, with the objective of helping to highlight, raise awareness of and prevent these processes of violence.

The base documentary material of SPACES OF EXCEPTION was compiled for two exhibitions at the Museum of Memory and Human Rights and at Vila Grimaldi, Chile, featuring pictures of victims, torturers and places of torture and execution during the military dictatorship established in that country from 1973 to 1990.

This exhibition takes the form of a chessboard as a field of play, life and death. If anything characterises the situation of the victims it is the place they occupy in the space, the impossibility of escaping from this place, the feeling of being condemned to be stepped on like the “remnants of floors” that witnessed their pain: protagonists of these spaces of exception of their rights and freedoms. Moreover, the victims share this recreated space with the torturers, as necessary tools of repression.

The aim is not to imitate reality but to shed light on it; posing questions to the viewer, courting controversy and encouraging conversation: generating an experience based on an uncomfortable artwork.

At the museums of memory any reflection on violence must begin with remembrance of the victims, fulfilling the duty to recognise them, and then to seek the universal in the particular, in each tortured, humiliated and vanished life. The exhibition does not endeavour to speak on behalf of the victims but to make their silence heard. In Adorno’s words: "The need to let suffering speak is a condition of all truth.”





Description of Genocide Project (Eduardo Ballesteros)