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Scientific and pedagogic assessing committee

In accordance with the Standing Rules of the MUME Consortium (Article 13), the Scientific and Educational Advisory Council is the consultative and advisory body of the Consortium and is made up of a maximum of 22 people of renowned professional prestige in the activities that are the object of the Exile Memorial Museum.

The functions of the Scientific and Educational Advisory Council are the following:

1. Proposing updating of activities of the museum projects and the interpretation centres.

2. Proposing the historiographic content of the activities as well as the general scientific and educational axes.

3. Defining the scientific, historical and educational contents.

4. Proposing relations with the scientific and educational community to guarantee the quality of the activities.

5. Reporting on the educational adaptation of the contents.

6. Fostering discursive renewal and reflection on the themes of the Exile Memorial Museum.

7. Fostering, if necessary, the signing of cooperation agreements with other public and private bodies.

8. Issuing the other reports that the Board of Directors or the President require.

9. Helping the government and administrative departments of the body as required.




Members of the Scientific and Educational Advisory Council of MUME:


Jordi Font Agulló (Director of the Exile Memorial Museum)

Alícia Alted (Professor, UNED)

Roger Barrié (Historian)

Martine Camiade (Professor at Perpignan University)

Eduard Carbonell (Museologist, Member of the Institute of Cultural Heritage and Professor at Girona University)

Geneviève Dreyfus-Armand (Researcher in Republican exile and former Director of the Contemporary International Documentation Library, Nanterre)

Rubèn Doll (Historian)

Jordi Gaitx (Historian and archivist)

Anna Maria Garcia (Professor at Girona University)

Jordi Guixé (Doctor of History and Director of Observatory of European Memories - Barcelona University)

Salomó Marquès (Emeritus Professor at Girona University)

Josep Maria Murià (Historian and former President of the Colegio de Jalisco in Guadalajara)

Enric Pujol (Doctor of History, professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and exhibition curator)

Francesc Vilanova (Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Director of the Fundació Carles Pi i Sunyer Archive)